Hairstyles 2015Are you interested in changing your look and wondering what type of hairstyle to have for the New Year? Fret not; here is a list of hairstyles 2015 ideas to get you started for your brand new look. Say goodbye to your old hairstyle today.

Side Swept Blowouts

Bouncy-wavy and stick-straight blowouts are so yesterday. Combining the better of these two styles, the side swept blowout is perfect for the fashionista that wants it all. It is a polished look that looks sleek from the crown to its mid length. Soft bends and small waves give it a simple and effortless appeal.

Rumpled Braid

The hairstyles 2015 look is all about creating interesting textures. The rumpled braid is a type of braid that has been making waves in the fashion industry. It can be achieved easily with simple tools, such as a comb and curler. Just curl the top layer of your hair and run through it to create waves. To finish it off, tease the crown before you make a classic braid.

Upsized Updo

Add some drama to your hairstyle with the latest hairstyles 2015. Drawing inspiration from dancers, the upsized updo is a type of romantic updo that wraps entirely around the back of the head. It is not exactly a bun, knot or chignon, but instead it is a simple effortless look that seems to be done with a twist of the hair.

Loose Top Knot

Clean, sleek perfect buns are out this year and with that, the loose top knot is a trending hairstyle of the year. With celebrities wearing the look to grace the red carpet, many people have jumped onto the bandwagon to sport this look. Instead of tight buns, it takes on a relaxed approach. To go for this look, gather hair into a ponytail at the top of the head and twist the ponytail around the base. The finishing step is to tuck the ends in, and voila! You get a loose top knot. For a windswept look, feel free to loosen hair around the face and ears.

Bouncy Curls

For those people who love curls, you will be glad that bouncy curls are making a strong comeback. The concept is to embrace natural curls with the original texture. Hair cream can be used to hold the shape of the curls. This hairstyles 2015 look can be done by using a diffuser and a curling iron to improve the buoyancy of the curls.

Pictures of hairstyles 2015

Pictures of hairstyles 2015What’s the hottest in hairstyles for short, medium and long hair this year?

The pictures of hairstyles 2015 tells the viewer more than mere images. In fact, it tells the viewer more about hair fashion that words cannot express. As you do your search online, some of the hairstyles that you will get to encounter are the following.

Short Hairstyles

For women, short hairstyles are vogue. It can radiate your young-spirited personality that people around you will love. Apart from this, short haircuts are widely accepted because it is stylish, fun, low maintenance, and convenient.

Presently, the trendy short haircuts run in numbers. Inclusions to these are Mohawk, angular bob, pixie cut, tousled short hair, and bob. These up-dos get more appealing when colors are added such as vibrant and natural hues.

Medium Haircuts

Medium hairstyles are flattering and functional for this upcoming summer season. Layered straight or curly hairstyle, lovely shoulder-length waves, and one-length are all in for this hot summer. With these hairstyles, you will not only look beautifully hot, but at the same time, cool.

Haircuts are not your only option for a medium-length mane. In fact, you can turn it into a more amazing and attractive hair masterpiece. You can add panache by incorporating braids, fish plait, and ponytail, highlights, and accessories.

Long Hairstyles

Although the acceptance for short hairstyles grew dramatically, still, a lot of women sticks to long hairdos. It is because long hair is flattering and romantic; and these are what men love about long mane.

Similar to medium-length hair, long mane can also be settled straight or curled, and cut into layered or one-length. You can also add an up-to-minute style such as braids, half-up half-down up-do, ponytail, fringe, chignon, and many more. With these haircuts and styles, you can wear it to any formal or casual event.

The images of hairstyles 2015 portray one message and that is “hair fashion” in different lengths. Whether you have a short, medium, or long mane, these images of fashion will come in an unlimited list. This also means a lot of opportunity for you to be beautifully different and attractive.

New hairstyles 2015

New hairstyles 2015The new hairstyles 2015 are packed with easy-to-do hairdos. If you are a busy individual, then these up-dos are perfect for you. As a matter of fact, you can get your hairstyle done in just a few minutes or while you wait for a “GO” signal in a traffic jam.

Scarf Up-do

Summer is fast approaching and you will need a new hairstyle to maintain a fresh look. One hairdo that you can try is a wrap-around up-do. Simply put on the scarf and tie it at the back. Afterwards, take large sections of hair and wrap and tuck it around the scarf.

Hair Bow

You will not need a ribbon to get your hair artistically embellished. With just your tresses, you can adorn your hair with a natural hair bow. To get this done, pull a section of hair from both sides. The next thing to do is cross these sections, tie and bow, and secure with a Bobby pin.

Braided Bun

When it is hot, you might like to pull your hair up into a bun. Make it fun and more stylish by creating first a typical braid. Once you are done with this, turn it into a bun. It is up to you whether you put it at the center-back of your head or into one side.

Twisted ponytail

A ponytail is a simple yet an adorable hairstyle. You can lift it to the next level by turning it into a twisted ponytail. Simply divide the ponytail into two sections. Afterwards, wrap one section to the other.


There are a lot of lovely braids that you can try. Among these are the common braids and cascade braids. If it is your first time doing a new variation of braid, it can be difficult; but it will come handy once you get used to it.

Easy Hairstyles to Get Fab

Without a doubt, there are a lot of easy to-do new hairstyles 2015 that you can try. Whether you are up to a busy morning or a casual routine, there is a hairstyle that could let you flaunt with a sense of fashion.